Ekoportal 2035

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Client: Innventia


What will the future bring? How will materials from our forests be used in 20 years? Innventia commissioned Tomorrow Machine to design 3 demonstrators inspired by Ekoportal2035, a vision of the future that has forest-based renewable materials at center stage. The demonstrators show the possibilities offered by Innventia’s advanced bio-based materials.

The first item is a self-cleaning plate and cup made ​​entirely out of cellulose. The plate and cup have a superhydrofobic coating and therefore rejects dirt, like a lotus leaf. This means that it never needs washing. A product that not only saves resources during manufacture, but also when it is used because it does not need water and chemicals to be kept clean.

Is it possible to create flexible objects that can build and even destroy themselves? The second item is made from a cellulose-based plastic that is possible to 3D print. Using 3D technology, we will be able to print self-assembling objects, and even buildings with this plastic composite

The transparent digital touch screen is made from nano-cellulose, which is a material that is optimal to use in conjunction with electronics, because of its conductive properties. The screen is transparent and can be placed in front of objects to photograph or explore them.

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